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Locomotive 5 van de Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting (GSS)

(c) Allard Rogier van Ravesteijn

ManufacturerDiepholzer Maschinenfabrik Fritz Schöttler GmbH DIEMA, Diepholz
TypeDS 30
Works number1888
Year build1956
Gauge700 mm
Ready for service?nee, revisie gepland
Weight5 ton
Total length3,1 m
Power37.5 HP (27,6 kW)
Max. speed12 km/h
Orig. ownersIVB NV Zwolle , Steenfabriek De Zandberg Gendt

This loco is a typicla Diema product, where gear and drivetrain are on enclosed unit. It extends from the motor to the axles themselves and consists of sevaral conical gearwheels in an casing filled with oil. This way the disadvantages ofother types of drives (Chains, wchich can get dirty, break and get longer over time, or rods, which are very sensitive to bad maintanance) are mitigated.

For many years this was the typical advantage of diema locos, they where very robust.

Clearly visible on the foto is the breaking lever, which worked with a weight. This simple contruction made it possible to control the breaking force quite well.

1956    IVB NV, Zwolle
19??    Steenfabriek De Zandberg, Gendt
1991    Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting, Wychen
1998    Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting, Erlecom
2006    Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting, Heteren

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